1. Click the [+Create New] button at the top of the white lefthand sidebar. 

  2. Click 'Workout'.

  3. A 'New Workout' popup will appear.

  4. Enter a Title for your workout.

  5. If this is the first workout you've created, the 'Recent' section in the 'From' dropdown will be populated with any example workouts that were included as part of the template you chose. You can choose one of these then click 'Create Workout', and you will be dropped into the workout. Alternatively, if you don't want to use one of these recent workouts, click 'Explore other designs', and you will be taken into the Workout 'Template Library'. From the template library, select a template you like, click the 'Use this template' button. Give the workout a title then hit 'Create Workout'. If you want to start from scratch with a blank page, hit the 'Start with a blank page' button, give the workout a title then hit 'Create Workout'. 

  6. Once you've been dropped into the workout itself, the editing process should be fairly similar whether you've chosen a blank page or one of our workout templates. Workouts are essentially just a normal page that you can add blocks to. By default, workout pages come with a 'Workout block' included. This block is special because it allows access to the 'Workout Builder', where you can create workouts from exercises and add things like sets, reps, rests, timers, circuits and much much more. The image below illustrates what a workout block on a blank workout page looks like:

  7. Before entering the workout builder, it's a good idea to give your workout page some details.
    1. Select an image for your workout 
    2. Enter a description to get the user interested
    3. Add a video to the hero block of the workout. This is a good place to add a quick motivational video about the workout, encouraging the user to get started! You can even use this section to add in a complete workout video.  

  8. Once you've got your workout title, details and hero imagery/ video set up, click on the Workout block itself, then hit the 'Edit Workout' button at the top of the righthand sidebar. 

  9. You will now be dropped into the Workout Builder.

  10. The workout builder allows you to create groups of exercises that make up a workout. The groups can either be a Workout, AMRAP or Circuit. In each group, you can add as many exercises as you want and assign things like sets and reps for each exercise. Here is a very basic example of how you could begin setting up a workout with two workout groups, one for a warm up and one for the main workout itself:

  11. Clicking the +Add Exercise button will open your exercises library. From here you can add exercises to your workout by clicking the '+Add' button next to the exercises name. You can also choose exercises from the Movement Exercise library by navigating to the 'Libraries' tab.

  12. Change the order of the exercises by clicking and dragging the exercise from the three vertical lines  up or down to re-position. Add weight/ intensity to an exercise (your users can change this as they're completing the workout).

  13. Adjust each exercise to reflect the number of sets and the number of reps, reps/side, secs, sec/side, mins, hours, cals etc.

  14. If you have chosen a group as an AMRAP, you will not be able to add sets, only reps, as an AMRAP in the context of this workout builder is 'as many rounds as possible', and the number of sets achieved will differ from person to person .

  15. You have an option to include a timer for each group in your workout by hitting the 'Add Timer' button in the top right of the group. 

  16. Once you have the workout ready to go, hit 'Done', then 'Save and Publish'. You can now preview your workout by hitting the 'Preview' button in the top right of the admin.  

  17. You will also notice the blank workout block from before is populated with what you built in the workout builder:

  18. Once you are happy with your workout, add it to a program or page