🎉Congratulations!!! 🎉
You’ve worked hard to create your program and have it to a point where you want to share it with existing and prospective members.

Now, you’ll need to decide whether you want to sell your program or offer it for free.

Our articles on setting up products and configuring access rules will run you through the process of monetising your program (or offering it for free in an otherwise premium app).

*Note: If you want this program to have different access rules than the default access of your app (i.e. your app is set to a monthly subscription but you want this program to be a separate one-off charge or premium), you will create a product for it, and click ‘override default access’ on the righthand ‘Access’ menu ONLY on the program homepage. The sub-pages within the program will inherit access from the primary page, so you do not need to change any access rules for the program sub-pages.