Push Campaigns

We've introduced the capability for Pro plan customers to send Push Campaigns to their entire community. This feature allows you to instantly send updates or announcements to all of your members, such as the release of a new program, article or event.

When you send out a push campaign, all you members with push notifications enabled will receive it as a notification on their device.

You will find Push Campaigns under the Campaigns tab within Engage on the lefthand sidebar.

To set up a campaign like the one in the example above, hit the [+ New Push Campaign] button. Give your campaign a Title and some Content text. Then define an Action (what happens when a member clicks the notification). In the example above, when a member clicks the notification, they will be taken to a new 4- week weights program that the app owner has created. A preview of what the notification will look like is shown on the right.

Once you hit the “Send to X Members” button, you will get a confirmation screen like the one above where you can double check if you want to send the notification. If everything is correct, toggle “Yes, I am sure” on and hit send!

Once you hit send, all of your members with push enabled will receive the notification on their device, and will be taken to the program when they click on the notification.