Private Apps

The Private access setting in your global app settings allows you to lock down your entire app, so that only existing members on your member list can access your app. This allow you to create a truly private and personalized community! You can still invite new members to join your app, but anonymous users who aren’t yet members cannot sign up and create an account unless you invite them first.

To set your entire app to Private, head to your global App Settings.

  1. Click the cog wheel ‘⚙️’ in the top left next to your app name.

  2. Expand the ‘Access’ section.

  3. Toggle on ‘Private’. You will notice when you toggle this on, ‘Require Login’ will be toggled on by default, and the ‘Allow Browsing’ toggle will disappear.

  1. Once this is toggled on, only existing members will be able to log in to your app. If someone who isn’t a member of your app, or hasn’t been invited by you (see next section) tries to create an account, they will see the following message:

Inviting new members to your private app:

  1. Head to the ‘Engage’ tab

  2. Click the ‘Add Member’ button at the top and insert the person’s email address who you’d like to add to your app, then hit the ‘Invite Member’ button.

  1. Share your app with the new member and be sure to tell them to sign up with the same email you added them as a member with.

  2. Once they sign up, they should have access to your private app.

If you are looking to only make certain parts of your app private, checkout the ‘Private Content 🔒’ section in our access rules article for further information.