Embedding Content

Use the ‘Embed’ block to insert content from another website into your app, ie. a playlist, BMI calculator, Calendly, etc.

If there’s a tool you’d like to include in your app that’s not readily available on Movement yet, you can embed content from another website into your app.

💡  Note: you will need to find the ‘embed’ code provided by a website to use this function. 

For example: On Spotify, you’d click the ‘…’ on a playlist page, ‘Share’ and ‘embed playlist’. Then you’d click ‘copy code’ and drop that into the URL for the embed block.

How to Embed

Click the ‘+Add Block’ at the top of the app builder or the ‘+’ button in the highlighted purple frame. When the block library appears, scroll to the ‘Embed’ section and click to expand and choose which embed you want to drag and drop onto a page. Enter the embed URL from the website. Save and preview!


the general guide line, is that if the "embed code" starts with <iframe then it can be embedded, but if it starts with <script> it cannot.

Check out the version of this article on our learn centre as it includes a video walkthrough and an embedded calculator example