Drip Feed Content

Schedule the release of content within your programs, courses & series

What does this mean?

Within any program, you can “schedule” the release of content that falls within the program tree structure.

How to Schedule Content

Simply navigate to a page within your program. 



Now expand the "Access" section in the righthand sidebar, disable the "Default Access" by clicking ‘Override access for this Page’ (first screenshot below) and enable the Drip Release toggle (second screenshot below).

💡  Note: you won’t see this option on the homepage of the program, but all the pages within it.


Choose when the content is unlocked. This is in relation to when the program is started. You can choose between hours, days or weeks. In this example we have chosen 1 week as this page is the 2nd week of the program.

💡  Note: If you are not seeing the option, ensure your program defines the "Start" action

The program must define the "Start" Action (this is the default when you create a program).

To do so, go to your program homepage and expand the ‘Actions’ section on the righthand menu. Click ‘Join’.

You should then see this:

Once your users have "started" your program, they will see a lock with the time left until they can access the content. Your content will unlock automagically once the specified time has elapsed. 🙂