It is important to do the simple things before you start recording video content. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Ensure you have proper lighting.
  2. Ensure mic is ON on the computer/phone (if recording voice).
  3. Make sure computer/phone is on a stable surface. You will be moving and don’t want to knock the equipment down.
  4. Make sure your music is at a good level (if you have music in background).
  5. Make sure you have a clean background behind you so as to not distract the viewer.
  6. If you are doing large range of motions, please make sure you stay in frame so as not to get cropped.
  7. Check the preferred orientation of your video. Landscape or portrait. Landscape will work best when uploading into Movement however you will find that if recording a live video through a social media platform you are often required to be in portrait.

Don't forget, there are many opportunities to record content. Be aware of these and record and review. Building a quality library of content will set you apart.