1. Why the rebrand?
Since our inception, we've been dedicated to providing the best platform for creating impactful online experiences for your members and community. As we've grown and evolved, we realized it was time for our brand to do the same.

2. How did you decide on your new name?

We chose Movement as our new name not only for the connection back to health and wellness but its deeper meaning, signifying the unification of people around a common goal, shared vision, or cause that holds significance for a community. At the core of a movement, and this Movement, lies community.

3. What does the logo mean?

Our new logo seamlessly fuses a flag and a chat bubble, each element deliberately chosen to embody our mission and vision.

The flag stands as a symbol of unity, identity, and purpose. It signifies the rallying point around which you form your business and unique community. This element mirrors the mission of Movement – empowering anyone to create impactful online experiences and spaces where people come together–united by shared interests, values, or goals. The chat bubble represents the meaningful conversations and idea exchanges that make these communities thrive. It illustrates our commitment to making online experiences healthier and happier, with community now being at the heart of what we do.

4. What problem(s) are you attempting to solve with this rebrand?

  1. There is another company with our same name who we’ve been confused for and been fielding support requests for for some time. We even had to change our social media handles to try to differentiate ourselves and ensure it was clear that we weren’t the same platform.
  2. We also have had some issues with the name and translation in a couple of countries, as we look to expand more globally.

Resolving Name Confusion

Our former name, Fitter App, caused issues due to its similarity with other platforms–most notably, a fitness app called GetFitterApp. This confusion has caused individuals to contact us about subscriptions unrelated to our service and drove a significant amount of irrelevant web traffic to our site. Additionally, as we expanded internationally, we learned that "Fitter" carries a negative connotation in some locations. In our pursuit of global inclusivity, we recognised a more pressing need for change.

Embracing Your Impact

Our new name, Movement, better reflects how you, our valued community members, use the platform to engage with your own communities. Movement is your statement, your flag in the sand—it's bold, motivating, inspiring, and embodies the spirit of health and wellness creators like you. It also signifies our dedication to supporting a future where your community is at the heart of what you do.

5. What does this mean for Fitter users?

  • For your app members:
    Not much! You will have a new app subdomain on Movement and your app has been automatically moved over to the new domain. However, your old domain (on fitterapp.app) will continue to work for all your members, as normal.

  • For the admin: 
    We have a new admin that you will login to to make your app updates. It’s very similar to Fitter’s admin but has just received from upgrades and a cleaner look. Coming this week! 

  • For pricing:

    You will be grandfathered into your current plan and our pricing isn’t changing on a monthly basis, but we’ve added new annual plans that will allow you to save 20% per year! We have also extended out the functionality on our free plan and lowered the transaction fee on our base plan–win, win.

  • How does this affect my subscription and my subscribers?
    Your subscription will not change and your subscribers or app members shouldn’t notice any difference. Your Fitter app domain will perform as normal.

6. Will drastic changes be a common occurrence?

No! 🙂  A rebrand is a sizeable undertaking especially for our a lean team like ours, and it’s not something we took lightly. Our main priority is helping your business grow and we will continue to focus on that. It was more of a necessity to make this brand update and we look forward to getting back into our usual stream of work—continuing to improve the platform for you and your members. 

7. Who does this rebrand benefit?

It benefits you as much as us! With the rebrand, we are now able to provide you with new and improved pricing, better admin and in-app experiences, additional features and a deeper focus on your communities.

8. What was the thinking behind the rebrand if things were going well?

We are super proud to say that things are and were going well! It was simply time that our brand evolved and progressed, just as we have.

9. Is this just the same platform and company under a new name? If so, why?

Essentially, yes! As above, there were some issues with our name–in that we shared it with another company who is a fitness app, causing a lot of confusion for their subscribers, our social media profiles and the name was not friendly across the world.

10. What will happen to my App? Do I need to do anything?

Your app will continue to operate as normal. You do not need to do anything at all. We’ve spent the last few weeks migrating everything over to the new domain and all should be working as normal.

11. Is the Fitter platform being “decommissioned”?

No - think of it like a major update. You’re not losing any functionality but the domain names for the admin will change.

12. Will there be pricing changes?

  1. Yes and no! Firstly, the monthly tiers you already know will not be changing at all in price (Base & Pro). Secondly, the changes introduced will allow you savings/reductions in price rather than raising of prices. We know that 2023 has already seen countless brands up their pricing and this is not something we wanted to do. The new additions and benefits of our pricing are as follows:

    1. The free plan has been extended! You can now:

      1. Have up to 100 active members on a free plan
      2. Includes the brand-new 'Feeds' feature – a new way to engage your community
    2. Base plan improvements:
      1. Reduction of the transaction fee from 5% to 2.5%
      2. Unlimited video & audio now supported (previously capped at 10 hours)
      3. Reduced cost available on an annual subscription - 20% savings
    3. Pro plan improvements:

      1. Reduced cost available on an annual subscription (~20% savings)
      2. 9 new triggers and 5 new actions added to our Zapier integration
      3. NEW! Push campaigns, send push notifications to all your members
      4. Custom domains (coming soon)
    4. New Business plan

      Our brand new business plan will introduce the following:

      1. API Access
      2. Reporting
      3. App Store Listings (if paid annually)
      4. Priority Support

13. How can I learn more about this?

We have published a blog article and various corresponding articles on our new website - movement.so/blog/movement-rebrand.

14. What will be different about the company now that you’ve rebranded? Will you be offering new products or services or otherwise changing the way you do business?
We won't change the way we do business at all, nor will the product change drastically. We are still a user-friendly, no-code app builder that helps you deliver impactful online experiences to your community. We have added a new pricing plan, annual pricing options and new features to better engage your community but the team, mission and values all remain the same. 

15. Will I need to make any changes to my account or how I interact with the company?

Not at all.

16. How will the rebranding affect the customer experience? Will there be any changes to the way I interact with customer service or support?

Definitely not! Customer support is something we take very seriously, and has been pivotal to our growth and brand so far. We want to continue to uphold a superior level of support so it is our aim to continue serving you as we always have. Behind the scenes, it will be the exact same team so you should not notice any interruption of service or in support.

17. Will the rebranding affect the company’s values or mission? Will the company be focusing on different areas of business or emphasising different values or principles?

No. Our values, vision and mission are staying exactly the same–we have the same goals and motivations, it is simply our name and look that are changing. We feel we have a brand we are proud of at the moment and want to uphold it in the move to Movement. The main difference is our focus, and that will shift to community. We want to grow the community aspect of the platform to help you better build and engage your communities around the world. Our mission is empower anyone to create impactful online experiences, and we believe that a large part of that is through supporting your community. We feel we’ve delivered on the content delivery side, so our primary focus will be on building up the community features and experience with Movement.

18. Will there be any changes to the company’s website, social media channels, or other communication channels that I should be aware of?

We have launched a new website and rolled out our new brand across social media. Our new website is movement.so and we have done a name change on our social media to @movement.so. If you were already following us on the @fitterplatform handle, you should see the change and that you’re already following us!

19. Will there be major platform or feature changes?

Yes, lots of great new additions! We will be focusing a lot of our efforts around community with this transition so a lot of the new features coming are intended to improve the engagement and growth of your community. With this rebrand, we've launched Feeds, Push Notifications & Push Campaigns, plus a new Sidebar Navigation. There won't be major changes to the platform but an enhanced admin experience which we will create a video walkthrough to talk you through once it's released. 

20. Do I need another subscription to use the new platform?

No 🙂. You will be grandfather in on your current plan and that subscription will still be active. If you would like to elect to move to any of our new plans (to save 20% on annual plan for example), you can do so in your account settings.