Your app's URL is the link users will input to view your app initially, prior to downloading it. You can think of it like a website address. You can embed this link on your socials, website or anywhere you’d like people to access your app directly!

Your app URL has been assigned with the business name you signed up with, for example ''. You can update your subdomain (anything prior to ‘’) to whatever you’d like to help clients easily navigate to your app, E.G. or

Steps to Complete:
1. In the Movement admin, click the '⚙️' settings icon to the right of your App's name and Plan at the top of the white lefthand sidebar.

2. Expand the ‘Name & Icon’ section. Your App Name is what will appear on user’s home screen under your app icon.

3. Under App Name, you’ll see a ‘subdomain’ box where you can input your new desired subdomain (the part that comes before '' in your URL!

4. Next up is your app icon! Just below the ‘Subdomain’ field in your App Settings, you can upload an image for your app icon. This is the icon that you and your users will see on their home screen once your app has been downloaded. Hit the 'Replace Image' button and from here you can upload your own icon or choose a royalty free image from our Unsplash or Pexels library integrations. 


A square image will suit your icon best. Our image cropper can help you create a square if needed.

5. Now, let’s test your new app URL. Type your subdomain followed by ‘’ into any browser, to view your app on any device. Using the example above, you’d input ‘’ and press enter.

As a reminder, this is the URL you will use to share your app. You can send it via text or email, embed it in your website, social profile links and more! 

Keen to learn more about sharing your app? Read our quick sharing article here.