Movement ( was founded by Samuel Hammond (CEO), Steven Scott (CPO) and Monica McCormick (CMO). 

The story of Movement, originally Fitter, is deeply rooted in the shared history of its founders - Steve, Sam and Monica - who first crossed paths at Envato, a hub of creative, entrepreneurial and tech talent. It was here, amidst a culture of innovation and collaboration, that the seeds of Fitter were sown, and the importance of supporting creators became deeply embedded. Their shared vision and complementary skills, honed in Envato's dynamic environment, laid the foundation for what would eventually become Movement–a platform that transcends the traditional boundaries of app creation to offer an empowering, no-code solution for content delivery, community engagement and monetization.

Currently a bootstrapped and self-funded startup, Movement began as Fitter–a traditional fitness app where trainers were simply a ‘profile’ on the app and has since transformed into a platform that enables trainers and creators everywhere to create their own branded app – putting the power and creative freedom back in your hands! We believe software should be a catalyst for your ideas, it should get out of your way and enable you to bring your vision to life.

Our mission is to empower anyone to create impactful online experiences for their community, ultimately making the world healthier and happier

If you’ve done any research into building your own app, you know how time and cost-intensive the process is and we’re here to change that. We’re creative people, passionate about health and wellness, and we want to empower more people to create a powerful, user-friendly online offering–without the need for developers, designers, and all the major costs that come with it. 

Creating an app with Movement requires no code, technical knowledge or big budget! 

Getting started is completely free, and we’d love to see what you can create when you’re armed with software that works for you not against you.