In Movement, you can think of pages like adding a new page to your website. t can be completely unrelated to any other page in your app (i.e. an About Me page, a Testimonials page, a Meal Library, etc.) and it typically wouldn’t have a sense of progression which is the difference in why you would setup a program. You’d setup a program or course because it’s something that will people will progress through, so you typically have a ‘start’ action and people complete it sequentially. 

Pages can be thought of more as one-off or contextual to the page and programs are used when you want to step people through something in a particular order. 

When we refer to content in Movement, it is something you create many of, e.g. workouts, exercises, programs, etc. You can find/add to your content by navigating to  Create > Content in the black lefthand sidebar. If you'd like to create your own Content category that isn't included in your content library by default, check out our custom content types article to get started.