Adding Google Tag Manager Your App

Google Tag Manager is a user-friendly system that helps you easily add and edit tags in your app. Tags capture important information about user events, allowing you to gain valuable insights about your users. With Google Tag Manager, you can manage these tags effortlessly, even if you're not technically inclined. It's a tool that simplifies the process of understanding user behaviour on your app.


In Google Tag Manager

  1. Set up a new or open your existing Google Tag Manager account

  2. Set up your container. A container is where all of your tags will live, so you should name this after your site or URL. 

  3. Select ‘Web’ from the container options and click ‘Create’.

  1. You will now be dropped into your GTM Workspace. Copy your Container ID - it will look something like GTM-5JGGN23

In the Movement Admin

  1. Navigate to Engage > Integrations in the black lefthand sidebar.

  2. Click on ‘Google Tag Manager’. 

  3. Paste in your Container ID that you copied from your Google Tag Manager Account.

Add Tags

Check out Google’s guide on setting up tags.