Creating Custom Terms & Conditions

Do you need your subscribers to opt in to your own Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy? You can add links to your own policies in your app settings. Once added, your members will also be able to see these links on their ‘Account’ page.

If you require members to agree to your Terms & Privacy Policy upon sign up, you can opt for them to show in the sign up flow.

💡 Note: By adding these links to your app, they will automatically be added to member’s account area within the Privacy & Terms section.

  1. Navigate to your global app settings. You can find these by clicking your app name or the ‘⚙️’ next to your app name in the builder. 

  2. Expand the Legal section 

  3. Add a link to your own Terms & Conditions and/or Privacy Policy

💡 Note: You aren’t required to add both, just which one you want to apply to your app and your members.

  1. If links are added to your legal section, they will be referenced automatically in the Privacy & Terms section of your members account area.

  1. If you choose for your members to accept your policies on sign up, make sure the ‘Require acceptance on Sign up’ toggle is active. A checkbox will be activated automatically for your members to accept before they can continue to sign up.