Creating a Custom Content Type


Looking to create a new type of content that you don’t see included in the builder? For any type of content where you want a different label to appear on the content card (beyond workout, meal, exercise, article, etc.), you can create a custom content type. You can re-use that content type anytime you want to create another new  ‘sound’ or ‘podcast’ for example, allowing you to quickly build many ‘pieces’ of the same content type and maintain consistency with styling and layout. 

💡 Note: Any custom content type you create will appear in your content library (in the black lefthand sidebar navigate to CreateContent) and will behave like one of our built-in content types.

  1. Click the a ‘+Create New’ button at the top of the white lefthand sidebar, just below your account name.

  1. Scroll down past the pre-existing content types and click the grey ‘+ Add Content Type’ option.

  1. An ‘Add Content Type’ modal will appear where you have the option to choose from some other common content types that we have prebuilt to add to your app, or create a custom content type.

  2. In this case we want to create our own content type, so under the ‘Create Custom Content Type’ heading, give your Custom Content Type a name. You can also change the icon of your Custom Content Type by clicking on the folder icon and selecting from the library of available icons.

  1. If you expand the ‘Advanced’ heading, you can choose if you want your content type to be single or multi paged by default. Once you have done this and have named your content type, hit the purple ‘Create’ button.

  2. Now, when you hit the ‘+Create New’ button again, you will see your new custom content type at the bottom of the list.

  1. Now when you click ‘Sound’ from the ‘Create New’ menu, you will be dropped into our template library where you can choose from any template you like (or start with a blank page) to build your content type with.

  1. Here we have chosen an ‘Audio’ template that we created earlier, but you could choose from any template you like in our entire template library. Give this ‘New Sound’ a name and choose an icon for it.

💡  Note: If you need a refresher on how to create a template, check out our article.

  1. Hit the ‘Create Sound’ button, (where ‘Sound’ will be whatever you named this custom content type) and you will be dropped into the builder where you can modify this new sound however you like, save it as a template, or create a new sound.

  1. Now that you have created your first piece of content for this custom content type, creating a second one can be much faster. In this case, when we hit the ‘Create Sound’ button, a different modal will appear, where we can create our second ’Sound’ as a direct copy of the first sound, without having to access the template library. However, if you did want to use a different template or a blank page, simply click the ‘Explore other designs’ hyperlink and you will be taken to the template library.

  1. As your list of ‘Sounds’ grows, the options that you can pre-fill from (when creating a new sound) in the ‘From’ menu will grow too. If you have many pieces of a certain content type, it can be a good idea to save certain pieces that you want to re-use the layout of frequently as templates, as only your 5 most recent ‘Sounds’ will appear under ‘Recent’.

This ‘New <insert name>’ modal will appear when creating any type of content (not just custom content types), allowing you to rapidly build content that maintains design consistency and styling with other pieces of content in the same content type , while still offering you flexibility to choose from any template or start with a blank page if needed.

💡  Example: Here’s an example of another custom content type we set up for multi-day events where you don’t want a registration on the page: