Creating Coupons

Want to run an exclusive discount or promotion for one of your products or subscriptions? One option is to create a coupon. You can create a coupon for any paid product, based on a percentage or fixed amount. You can also make the coupon reoccur if it’s applied to a subscription product.

Additionally, there is no limit to the number of coupons you can add to a product!

How to Create a Coupon


Click the ‘Sell’ tab on black lefthand sidebar. 


Click on the product you’d like to assign a coupon to. 


Select the ‘Details’ tab at the top of the product dashboard page.  


Below the ‘purchase type’ and ‘price’ on this page, you’ll see a ‘Manage Coupons’ section. Click the ‘Create a Coupon‘ button.


Input a coupon ‘code’, or what your users will type to activate the coupon, e.g. ‘welcome10’. For the type, you can choose between a percentage or fixed amount. Decide on a value and click ‘create’! Choose whether you want the duration to be One Time or Repeat. The Repeat option is only available for recurring payments e.g. subscriptions (see the Managing Coupons section below for more details.)


The value field is the amount you want to discount by so if you enter ‘10’ and choose percentage, that will be a 10% discount.

Watch the video below now for a quick walkthrough of coupon creation:

Managing Your Coupons

Reoccurring Coupons 🔁

If your product or purchase type is set to a subscription, you can choose to setup a ‘reoccurring’ coupon that will repeat every month/week (or on whatever frequency you have the subscription set to). Simply click the ‘repeat’ option under Duration. You will only see this option for subscription products.

Disabling 🚫

To deactivate a coupon, you can go back to the same ‘Details’ screen within the product, click the coupon and toggle the coupon to ‘inactive’. You will then see it listed as inactive.

You can also simply delete the coupon and it will no longer be active, but will still be applied for any users that previously signed up with it. 

Deactivating a coupon essentially means that any new sign-up cannot use it, but it won’t impact anyone who’s already used it.