🔖 Bookmarking Content

One of the most useful features in Movement is the ability for users to bookmark content so it is saved in the “My Saved” section in their account.

By bookmarking a page, users can quickly access their favourite or frequently visited content without the need to navigate through multiple sections of the app. It saves time and effort, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The Bookmark Button

To save a Page, users will need to tap the bookmark button in the top right of any page. The location of the bookmark button is shown in the image below:

Once users tap this, they will get a popup message at the bottom of the screen that says ‘Added to your content ‘ and the bookmark itself will have a tick in it. The content will now appear under the ‘My Saved’ tab in their ‘Account’ section. If you accidentally bookmark a page you don’t want to save, simply hit the bookmark button again to remove it from your saved content.

My Saved Section

To access their bookmarked content, users will navigate to their account profile page in the app by clicking on the ‘You’ section of the main navigation. All of their saved content will appear under the ‘My Saved’ tab on the right of the ‘My Content’ and ‘My Activity’ tabs.